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Here are some links to other clubs we associate and work with:


Aus Bonsai

AusBonsai is a free, Australian based internet forum where you can view, study and chat about bonsai from the comfort of your own computer. A friendly environment where you can learn or share information about bonsai in Australia and bonsai with Australian native plants.

Australian Associated Bonsai Clubs (AABC)

The Association of Australian Bonsai Clubs Ltd. (AABC) is the national body representing individual bonsai clubs throughout Australia and some in New Zealand.

Bonsai Art Nursery

Bonsai Art Nursery was established in 1983 and is owned and operated by Trevor McComb.

It is conveniently located in Heatherton in Melbourne near Moorabbin Airport and is situated on 5 acres (Melways Reference Map 87 K1).

Bonsai Federation of Australia, Southern Chapter, BFA

None as of yet.

Cranbourne Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens plays a leading role in the conservation of plants through biodiversity research, programs to protect rare and threatened plants, and the study of habitats. This work is supported by education and visitor programs about the importance of plants to life.